Chat Function

With an integrated chat function, your agents and field personnel can collaborate with each other in real-time. Instead of waiting to resolve issues when they arrive at the office, you can dispose of problems quickly so that customers don't have to wait. To be able to react to the dynamic conditions in the field, chat messaging is a handy tool that can save your business a lot of time and money. 

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Report Issues Right Away

It's been always said that the first step to solve a problem is to acknowledge that there exists one. And the second step, is to broadcast it to all the people involved. With WorQ Agent's chat function, you can do exactly that!
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Get Instructions in Real-Time

After informing colleagues of issues in the field, you expect to get prompt responses to help your agents deal with the problems at hand. WorQ Agent's chat function uses the same lightweight and lightning-fast messaging technology used by leading social media companies. 

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