An App with Far-Reaching Effects

Introducing WorQ Agent, the right solution for your remote business. More than an activity tracking application, WorQ Agent helps you assign job-orders on-the-fly, manage your assets in real-time, and acquire the data you need to guide your business decisions. It's a highly integrated mobile application designed to provide the intelligence you need to manage your remote workforce; allowing you to increase productivity and reduce your overall costs.

Most importantly, WorQ Agent delivers features that enable your mobile workforce to achieve their highest potential while on-the-go.

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Strengthen Your Role in the Business


Accounts Management

Create recurring schedules to visit your clients regularly so you never miss an opportunity ever again.

Booking & Peddling

Take orders speedily and effectively via a multi-touch interface that eliminates errors and duplication.

Technical Service

Submit service reports as soon as you’re done and get rid of unnecessary overtime spent on manual reports.

Transport Service

Manage transport resources more efficiently by publishing the availability of your vehicles to employees or customers.
Brand Identity

Delivery & Collection

Improve your business cash-flow by quickly disposing deliveries and converting your billable transactions to cash.


Mobilizing Your Workforce

Increase the performance of your mobile workforce with an app that tracks everything that matters.

Capturing Real-time Data

No more waiting. Acquire real-time data as soon as field agents are done with their tasks.

Delivering Right Results

Have the peace-of-mind in knowing that the results you are getting are timely and accurate.

Unifying Communications

Keep the line of communications open via a built-in messaging and callback service.

General Features

Time and Attendance

Offline Maps


Zero Bill Shock


Chat Function

Extending Your Presence Indoors

For the first time, a solution that gives you a holistic view of your business. Because GSM signals are usually not as strong inside buildings and GPS practically does not work indoors, it presents a big gap to a workforce productivity tool such as WorQ Agent. So, we're engineering proprietary devices that are enabled with award-winning real-time location sensing (RTLS) technology to extend your capabilities beyond the reach of conventional technologies - introducing WorQPad and YuniFi!

Up to 8 Hours Battery Life

Offline Maps Ready

Indoor Location Sensing


WorQPad is a tablet optimized for WorQ Agent. Embedded with a stripped-down version of Android 5.1 and WorQ Agent as a system app, WorQPad operates with a full-color touchscreen, GPS, WiFi, bluetooth, 2MP/5MP cameras and optionally a wideband RTLS transceiver for indoor location sensing. Agents can work indoors but can still give positioning data and real-time updates in buildings that are equipped with YuniFi gateways.

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This handy device lets your agents print receipts on the go. Gone are the hassles of writing the details of the receipt by hand. The PrintPaQ is connected to the phone with the Worq Agent app using Bluetooth technology, so your agents won't have to worry about dealing with messy wires. It's small and compact that the whole printer would fit in the palm of your hands.

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YuniFi is an M2M gateway enabled with WiFi, GPRS and location sensing modules. It can be used for various applications such as telematics, sensor data acquisition, personnel tracking or indoor asset management.  It can connect up to four WiFi devices at the same time and can optionally track multiple RTLS tags or WorQPads when strategically positioned with other YuniFi gateways in an indoor or outdoor setting. 

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Spingine launches SkyLinQ

In partnership with the largest commercial space program, Iridium Communications, Spingine launches SkyLinQ - Voice and Data Anywhere.

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WorQ Agent is here!

Learn more about the smartest activity tracking solution and its benefits - from efficiency, productivity to cost-effective strategies for field personnel.

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