Time and Attendance

Save 30 minutes to an hour by allowing your field personnel to time-in on their way to their first appointment.

Offline Maps

No data connection? No worries. With offline maps, agents can course through daily tasks without accessing the internet.


Manage recurring and non-recurring schedules in an instant. Never miss an appointment ever again.

Zero Bill Shock

 No more surprises when your monthly billing statements arrive. Never pay a single cent more than what you should.


Extend the capabilities of WorQ Agent to include some of the things you've always wanted in a productivity app. 

Chat Function

Collaborate with your people in the field in real-time. Share instant feedback and resolve problems quickly. 

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Sales Service Module

Cut the hassle of manual work with the capabilities of automation. Acquire sales results as they happen by equipping each of your agents with the module most appropriate for the role. Sales activities - booking, delivery, peddling, collection, accounts management - are more productive when assisted with a solution that does real-time tracking and management just right.

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Technical Service Module

Provide your technicians with pre-organized service itineraries and with the most efficient routes. Technical modules are designed for field personnel performing installation tasks, servicing and maintenance, as well as meter reading.

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Application Personnel Activity Tracking
Min. Required Hardware 5”, Android v4.2x
Minimum Purchase 5
Map Type Custom offline maps
Update Cycle 60 seconds
Associated Locations Unlimited
Max. Geo-Fences 1,000
Max. Push Notifications Unlimited
Max. Geo-Triggers Unlimited
Access to Hosted Datasets
Accounts Management
Task Management
KPI reporting
Technical Support Within 1 business day

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