As your business grows, your work force will begin to grow as well. Your first and most important encounter with customers is when they experience your service the first time. With WorQ Agent you are constantly updated with the progress of your crew's installation starting from their arrival and up to the time of hand-over of the job to a happy customer. 

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Progressive Task Allocation

Although daily tasks are assigned as a whole, by dragging them to a task bucket, WorQ Agent offers the convention of displaying them one at a time. After each task is completed a new one will appear in the task list with instructions and directions for the next installation. Progressive task allocation makes sure that new customers are serviced efficiently and on-time. 
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Customer Location Tagging

Tag each new installation with a fixed longitude and latitude so that follow-up visits by other service technicians or billing personnel will be easier. The system will automatically create a geo-tag so that each time a field personnel visits, a notification will be sent that he is already within 25 meters of the tagged location. 
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Material-Use Tracking

Monitor the movement of inventory in the field. Each time a component is used, it is deducted from the running inventory of each service vehicle and associated to the new installation. A report can be generated at the end of the day so that service crews can request for replenishment before heading out the following day.
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Customer Acceptance Report

Before every installation is disposed from the task list, an annotation or acceptance form is displayed requiring the name and signature of the customer or his representative. Technicians can also add notes and pictures as proof of the work done.   

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