Gathering accurate billing information is vital to your service operations. That is why every utility company desires to innovate their meter reading processes. Prior to WorQ Agent, this used to be an expensive proposition. Well, not anymore. With a simple monthly subscription, you can have accurate and instantaneous billing data so that you can eliminate unnecessary delays in your billing cycle.  

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Real-Time Transmission

Improving the efficiency of your billing service is a critical aspect of your business. That is why collecting meter-readouts in real-time is not only important but can save cost-of-money due to delayed or irregular billing cycles.  
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On-Site Billing Estimates

Because the system keeps up to sixty days of previous billing record, it can compare it with the latest meter read-out and generate an estimate of the current bill for the consumer. This can be optionally printed out as a reference when he pays his latest bill over the counter or via your electronic payment system.  
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OCR Function*

No more misread meters. WorQ Agent is equipped with an Optical Character Recognition system that reads numbers and letters so that your personnel can have the confidence that every entry is accurate. He can visually validate each reading and within seconds send it to the billing department. 
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NFC Meter Identification*

To facilitate the fastest way to identify and associate each meter to an account, an optional NFC reader and tag can be used. WorQ Pads can be internally equipped with NFC readers while meters can be tagged with cost-effective and powerless NFC tags.

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