Maintenance is one of the most rigorous tasks in a service business. Providing superior after-sales support and maintenance is usually what creates loyal customers. Clients favor a company that is fast and effective when it comes to addressing their problems and concerns. With the right technology assisting your maintenance crews, you can be sure that you are delivering superior and on-time services to your customers.

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Route Assistant*

Find your way to each customer or subscriber using the route assistant. Enabled with "Waze-like" features, it will assist service crews in locating your customers faster, enabling you to save fuel and time. 
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Proximity Detection

Send a notification to the customer that your service personnel is at the gate. As soon as he is within 25 meters of your customer's location, it will inform the system that he has arrived at the specified place enabling the "start button" of each task so that he can commence his job. 
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Find Nearest Skilled Personnel

Always assign the right person for the job. WorQ Agent tracks the service record and skills of each personnel and filters that through a selection algorithm that identifies the right person for the job based on proximity, skills and service ranking.  
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Annotation of Completed Tasks

At the end of each task, an annotation form is displayed so that a service technician can take photos and write down notes as well as have customers sign-off on the finished activity. As soon as he hits "done", his new task is displayed and new directions are given for immediate disposition. 

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