Put the best technology tool in the hands of your agents and see your numbers fly. With WorQ Agent's account management module, you can boost the output of your sales team by increasing their time of engagement with each customer and improving the entire experience of face-to-face selling. 

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Create Proposals Instantly

Instead of going back to the office to prepare a proposal, agents can save thirty minutes to up to two hours of travel time by doing it in front of the customer. Using the swipe-based product selection interface, agents can create proposals instantly even while on a meeting with a customer. Once the quotation form is properly filled-out, it can be sent right away as a PDF email attachment. Or saved as a template for future re-use.   
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Manage Opportunities

Keep tabs of your top 10 most promising opportunities. WorQ Agent's opportunity management interface provides every agent a clear picture of the status of each opportunity as it steps through your company's sales cycle. When accounts are ready to close, agents can utilize a trial-close form that displays the annotations and objections recorded from previous meetings.
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Improve Your Closing Ratio

WorQ Agent tracks the status of every proposal sent up to its final disposition and logs it as "lost" or  "won" so that agents can review their performance at the end of each sales cycle. Based on the strategies and tactics they employed, Agents can dig up historical data of every sale won or lost to help improve their closing ratio.
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Impress with Report Assistant

Reports are a breeze with Report Assistant. As long as each activity, task or transaction is done using the application, agents will not have to spend hours of overtime work preparing sales reports. This entire process can be automated such that CSV or PDF reports are regularly sent to supervisors and managers as email attachments.   

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