Increase your sales personnel's productivity with a mobile app that allows them to book orders more intuitively. With a modern swipe selection process your orders will be good to go in less than 3 minutes. Keep track of the booking transactions in real time no matter where your agents are. No more anxiety, hassle and confusion in waiting for agents to post their transactions for the day. Agents won't waste time flipping and tearing worn-out printed pages either because everything is presented in a step-by-step manner that allows them to book sales like clock-work.

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Customizable Product List

By just clicking the cart button in the booking form, agents can easily pull up a scrollable list of their assigned products. Customize the list by creating templates of "frequently-selected" products for specific customers. In the selection, each item (product SKU) is boxed together with relevant commercial details such as price, quantity, unit-of-measure and each customer's average "up-take" for the past 2 months, plus a brief description of the product. 
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Swipe Gesture Selection

Add and remove products using swipe gestures. To add a product simply swipe right from the product list. All selections will go to a bucket list right away. To delete a product just swipe left from the bucket list. It's that easy! Long-press on the selection to add quantities. Agents can either add quantities before swiping the selected products or after the selection has been made. Impress your customers with an ordering interface that's as easy as ever.
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Bucket List

All the items for ordering can be picked out from the main product list or template and dropped into the Bucket List, which is found in a vertical drawer right under the product list. Simply swipe in or out selected products to meet the right quantity or budget for your customer. A summary of the total amount and quantity will be displayed at the upper right hand corner of the app so your agents don’t have to bother pulling out a calculator.
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Transaction Summary

Before committing the booking transaction, all the details will be shown at one glance for final disposition. Your customers will be able to see here the auto-generated booking ID, the customer name, store location, the products ordered in a scrollable list, a transaction title, a text-field for delivery instructions, and the preferred schedule of delivery. At this point changes can still be made by simply selecting and modifying the order list.
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Order History

It’s always helpful if agents can revert to their past transactions for review and verification. WorQ Agent locally archives all booking transactions for a period of 60 days so that any one may pull up his own historical data without the need to connect to your company's back-end records. Depending on your company’s policies, agents can review records and print them out right away.

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