Manage collection transactions more systematically. Unburden your staff from the pain of having to write it all down. Collection reports and records can now be transmitted to you faster and more accurately. With WorQ Agent's billing recurrency feature, everything is organized like clock-work so that you never have to worry about missed collection opportunities ever again.

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Organize Recurring Billables

In businesses, especially in SMEs, a healthy cash flow is oftentimes better than profit. If this is true, then no amount of collection should fall into the cracks of forgetfulness and complacency. Organizing your recurring collectibles can be as easy as scheduling a calendar appointment. One day before a collectible is due, the system automatically updates it as a collection task and assigns it to the proper collection agent. 
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Authenticate Transactions

Collection scams are sometimes fraudulently committed by unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of the cooperative nature of some debtors. With WorQ Agent, a customer can be notified of the identity of the collector once he appears at his doorstep. Along with the notification, a payment pass-code is also sent to authenticate every payment transaction. 
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Send Invoices thru Email

After every transaction, a print-out can be generated reflecting the date and time of collection, the name of the customer, the account details and the total amount received. Optionally, you can automatically send electronic invoices or receipts to your customers as well as your billing department. 
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Accept Cheque or Cash Payments

The WorQ Agent collection module accepts cash or cheque payments or a combination of both. For cheque payments, agents will be able to input details such as the cheque number, amount, date and the issuing bank branch. For cash payments, the system logs the customer's tendered amount and the change returned by the agent if any.
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Set Collection Quota

To increase your collection outputs in the field, a collection quota can be set for each agent. Depending on your organizations goals and collection patterns, this can be set daily, weekly or monthly. You can then tie each agent's results to your rewards program using WorQ Agent's reporting API's.  

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