With the help of WorQ Agent, your deliveries will really go the distance to improve your customer's experience. You can assure customers that every delivery will be properly handled. Everything they need to know, from the time the products are loaded to the time it is offloaded in their receiving facilities, will be presented in real time via a web interface or mobile app. This eliminates the guessing game and the wasted hours waiting for a cargo to arrive so that your customers can inspect them personally to their satisfaction.

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Deliveries Assigned in Seconds

Once a booking transaction is submitted, WorQ Agent's back-end service automatically creates a delivery item. Depending on your company's policies, the status of your customer's account or the availability of the required items in your inventory, each delivery item will be assigned to a personnel or a vehicle in the assigned route for scheduled disposition. Optionally, you can send a notification to your clients when the delivery is on its way.  
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Live Tracking

As soon as each delivery item leaves the warehouse, customers can optionally track the status of the delivery. When the delivery vehicle is within 5 kilometers or 15 minutes of a customer's location, the system will send a notification to prep a receiving person or crew of an impending delivery reception. As soon as the delivery is disposed, live tracking is turned-off for that particular customer.   
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Cargo Management

So that booking agents, delivery personnel and customers are properly informed of the status and whereabouts of assigned delivery items, a cargo management feature assists in organizing and monitoring all delivery items from the time they are loaded in the warehouse up to the time they are offloaded in the field. 
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Delivery Directions*

An experimental directions features will be added before the end of 2016. We believe that this will make it even easier for delivery crews to find their destinations and increase their delivery turn-around-time. Routes will be plotted for each destination. However, to conserved bandwidth and battery, the new feature will offer turn-by-turn instructions only for the final 15-minute leg of each delivery. Please contact our sales representative for more details.
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Quick Disposition

Disposing each delivery task should be effortless. With WorQ Agent, simply select the correct delivery item, submit it to the customer for inspection and have him sign-off on the delivery with a smile. You can optionally scan the bar code of each package. For annotation purposes, you can include a note and a picture detailing the story of each delivery. Task completed, report submitted and customer happy in seconds!      

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