Planning and executing a balanced coverage plan is really difficult if you don't use the right tools. In a very competitive selling environment, relying on your memory or the conventional index cards will probably do the trick; but staying on top of your game requires that you never miss a beat. In reality, sales agents never really cycle-through every customer regularly. With WorQ Agent your business won't miss an important opportunity because of the simple reason that your agent wasn't there when it happened.      

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WorQ Your Plan...

In sales, planning your activities is an art you have to master. That is why planners, in the form of apps or booklets, are in abundance. But... "he who plans and plans a day, lives to plan another day". In order to be truly called a ninja planner you have to plan ahead without breaking a sweat. You have to WorQ your plan... so that appointments that recur weekly, monthly or quarterly aren't forgotten. And opportunities aren't missed because of a mix-up in your schedule.
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Plan Your Work

Now that you have your schedules lined-up, it's time to write down a sales strategy. Planning what to say or do in every appointment yields better results. With WorQ Agent's itinerary function, you can practice (as in rehearse) what you preach, by pulling up important points for every visit. Receive notifications and reminders of what to say or do 30 minutes before a scheduled face-to-face with customers. 
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Cover Your Bases...

To improve rapport and "top-of-mind awareness", you need to cover your bases. Executing a balanced sales coverage plan is hard if you don't remember when you last visited a particular customer. To make sure you don't miss a beat, WorQ Agent's recurrency feature helps you cycle through customers weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on your preferences.
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Don't Leave Space for Competitors

Like they usually say in sales - "If you're not with a customer, your competitors are". To help you gather intelligence about who your toughest competitor is in every account, WorQ Agent offers a simple annotation feature that tracks if a competitor has recently visited your customer. You can pull up historical data to visualize the intensity of your activities in the account versus your competitor's. 

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