Let's face it; making a sale is the "meat" of every business. While an agent is measured based on his sales output, it would do your business good to know the status of each opportunity in the field. Now you can oversee every selling activity at the comfort of your office. Know the pulse of your business - who sells the most of what type of products and in which area. With WorQ Agent, your peddling business will flow smoother because you are able to get instant feedback about your customer's buying behavior in relation to your products or the competitor's.

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Leverage Zero-Friction Selling

Pushing your products the conventional way creates pressure on both your agents and customers. Filling up paper forms without a desk is painstaking and cumbersome. Agents are prone to commit mistakes because of poor lighting or plain fatigue. Adding up quantities and prices can be really challenging as well. All these add up to frustration and sometimes poor sales uptake because customers want to get out of the awkward situation of waiting for your agents to get the orders right. With WorQ Agent, you can say goodbye to all these woes.
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Up-Sell Like a Pro

Because your agents can now spend more time for selling and less on filling up the order forms, they can concentrate more on improving the quality of each engagement. The time gained because of the streamlined process offered by WorQ Agent, can be used for up-selling or profiling competitive offers. Whenever an agent peddles a product, he is also informed of the average uptake of each customer for the past two months allowing him to convince his clients to take more if they are buying below their average. 
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Manage Peddling Capacity

As much as possible, there should be no hitches in the selling process. But what do you do if your numbers don't add up? How do you keep track of how much inventory your agents are actually moving in the field? Making sure that there are no leakages and/or lost opportunities because you can't keep accurate count of inventory in the field is a daunting challenge. That is why we've enabled WorQ Agent with an inventory tracking feature that takes care of all these issues.
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Process Bad Stocks Painlessly

Receiving bad stocks or defective products should be a painless experience for both the agent the customer. The agent should be able to receive them without worry that it will impede his selling activities. Consequently, the customer knows that he will receive replacements just in case he has to wait for the agent's next visit. Most likely, if the stock is available, he'll get a replacement right away. Everything is recorded, reported and reconciled.   
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Track Actual Performance

In a fast paced world where competition is tough and margins are thin, you need to be constantly informed. Because you can't rely on guesswork, you need reliable feedback from your people. Tracking your numbers, not your people, will be vital in your effort to stay afloat and then ahead of everyone else. We've embedded real-time performance tracking tools in WorQ Agent that will enable you to view actual sales outputs as they pulse from the field. 
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Establish Trust and Loyalty

Using the right technology to enhance the reliability and speed of every transaction will improve your customer's view of your business. But more importantly, it will increase your sales personnel's confidence allowing them to up their game and increase sales productivity. In effect, you elevate your position in the market where customers trust your quality of business and sales reps trust you for support as if you are actually with them in the field.   

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