Who We Are

Spingine Corporation™ is a hardware and software applications development company focused on delivering unique commercial and industrial hardware solutions in the field of embedded design, Internet-Of-Things (I.O.T) and remote asset management.

Established based on a long background of wireless networking and software development experience, Spingine has taken a leadership role in location-aware hardware and software applications, delivering real-time data to and from embedded devices called SmartENG1N™.

July 2012 - Spingine has been spear-headed by only five passionate visionaries who had once asked themselves on how to make things easier. For almost four years, the once-start-up company grew not only with more visionaries aboard but also developed products they never thought they would create - a cost-effective strategy on the Internet-of-Things.

Business Details:

Spingine’s main products evolve within the line of developing I.O.T. Gateways and Devices, Remote Asset Management Software, and Mobile Applications. All products are designed in accordance to the company’s main offering that is Cloud-Based Real-Time Notification Services.

The principal market groups include Manufacturing, Utility, Distribution, Transport, Law Enforcement Units, and the general consumer group.

Spingine can easily service a nationwide scale of markets in the Philippines including but not limited to small-, medium-, and large-scale businesses. Future business endeavors are leaning onto tapping the rest of the ASEAN countries besides the Philippines.

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API:  (Application Program Interface) a set of standardized requests coded by the asking program and defined for the receiving program to allow code-specific tasks to be performed between these two different software programs
KPI: (Key Performance Indicator) a measureable value which a company uses to gauge the performance of its people or its overall success against predetermined business objectives
Geo-Fence: a virtual barrier drawn to set the boundaries of locations-of-interest (e.g. service area, policy zone, restricted area); may be an irregular multi-pointed polygon covering a highly specific area
Geo-Trigger: a programmatic event which generates an actionable alert whenever your asset enters, exits, or lingers within a geo-fenced location or zone