Frequently Asked Questions

Is WorQPad a freebie device?

Answer: No. If you subscribe to a WorQ Agent Pro or Plus annual plan, WorQPad will be bundled as a rental device.
We call this in the tech industry Hardware-As-A-Service or HAAS.

What happens to my WorQPad after the lock-in period or if I discontinue the service?

Answer: After the lock-in period of 24 months, you have the option to renew for another 24 months. In this case, after surrendering the old device for decommissioning you will be assigned a new unit based on the latest WorQPad model available. If you choose to discontinue the service, you have to return your WorQPad for decommissioning. A service representative will backup all your private data onto a customer-provided USB thumb drive. After which all private data will be permanently erased with your final approval. All de-commissioned WorQPads will be donated to appointed partner schools and educational institutions as part of Spingine's social responsibility fulfillment.
*Please note that the customer shall bear all costs of local shipment to and from any of Spingine's service centers.

What happens if I break or lose my assigned WorQPad?

Answer: You will have to pay for the price of a replacement which is P5,995.00 + 500.00 to restore all your private data. If the defect is due to manufacturing, we will replace the unit without any cost.
Again, please note that the customer shall bear all costs of local shipment to and from the nearest service center.

Is there a better way than paying for the full price of the replacement?

Answer: Yes. You can pay for advanced replacement service which is P1,995.00/WorQPad for 24 months. This allows you to get a free replacement once every year for qualified defects. An additional fee of P500 will be charged for restoring private data to the replacement unit. We don't replace functional devices for reasons of physical wear and tear or any aesthetic issue. Devices that regularly exceed the daily complete charging cycle of 2 will not be eligible for advanced replacement.
*Please note that replacements are fully functional devices but not necessarily brand-new. The customer shall bear all costs of local shipment to and from the nearest service center.

If I choose to continue the service after the lock-in period, will I have the option to renew using the monthly subscription plan instead of the yearly?

Answer: Yes. You may change your subscription plan after the lock-in period. However, we will not replace you with a new device. You may continue to use the assigned device as long as you pay the monthly subscription plan. Because handheld devices have an average service lifespan of two years, we will not guarantee the performance of the units after 24 months.