Time and Attendance

Your workforce is mobile, so why let them come to the office just to punch in for their attendance? With Worq Agent, your field personnel can now time-in no matter where they are. By allowing them to do that, you are increasing their productivity because they can immediately tackle their first task the very first minutes of their shift.

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Save Fuel Cost

Save your agents the turn-around cost between going to the office and then onward to their first meeting. The fuel you save weekly might be enough to cover a month of communications cost.    
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Decrease Vehicle Wear-and-Tear

Let's face it, with the increasing traffic and the extra mileage to weave through the streets to find parking, maintenance costs can take a toll on your business. But, if your field personnel don't have to report to the office first, they can avoid traffic and be in the right spot with parking still available. 



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