Zero Bill Shock

No matter how good your app is, if it consumes too much bandwidth, you won't be able to use it as much in the field. WorQ Agent utilizes proprietary encoding strategies that minimizes bandwidth consumption to the bare minimum. Your workers will be able to use it every time they need it; while you can have the peace-of-mind that your bills are in control.

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Take Control of Your Data Costs

In business you don't want surprises. You need to be in control of your costs all the time. That is why we designed WorQ Agent with features that allow you to control all the variables related to your mobile strategy  - bandwidth being one of the major contributors to cost. 
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Maximize Productivity in the Field

With WorQ Agent, you get what you pay for - an app that guarantees maximum productivity within your normal business hours and beyond. Many apps perform well in ideal conditions. But when push comes to shove you need an app that lasts long in the field without breaking your budget.

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